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Our Team of Experienced Technicians Offer You Convenience, Cost Savings and Peace of Mind.

With 20 years of auto repair experience our expert mechanics are here to help you with all your vehicle needs. Whether it is a complicated issue or one that just needs a quick fix, we’ll help you figure it out and fix it at an affordable price.

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Can Our Mechanics Come to Your House and Fix Your Vehicle?

YES, our fully-trained & certified technicians can perform all maintenance and basic repairs in your driveway or garage.
 They will arrive with all required tools, scanners and most spare parts to get the job done quickly and professionally.


Can I Save More Money Over Going to an Auto Repair Shop?

YES, we are very competitive, call now to find how great are pricing is. We also can offer you additional discounts. Plus save money on expensive towing charges.


Can I Save Time?

YES, stay in the comfort of your own home, miss the traffic and let us come straight to you. Also skip right past waiting for a free slot at an auto repair shop, you tell us when you would like us there!

Easy Ways to Maintain a Car and Keep Costs Down

Business wisdom suggests that you’ve to spend more to earn more, and in a way, this philosophy also applies to your car. Years of running well and looking good doesn’t just happen. You’ve put in efforts to get something in return.

While there are lots of individual steps to improve your car’s lifespan, we’ve complied some of the best tricks, tips and car care advice to prolong the life of your automobile!
Drive slowly during the “break-in period”
If you’ve just bought a new car and now want it to last long in top condition. Here are few things to remember as you pull it out of the dealer’s lot:
  • During first 1000 miles (1,600 km) you should drive it at less than 55 mph (88 kpm) or at the speed recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Don’t put undue load on your car, such as towing trailers or loading the trunk or roof rack of with heavy construction material towing trailers.
  • Never idle your car for long periods because oil pressure during this phase is not reaching every part of your engine.

During first few hours of driving keep engine rpms below 3,500. Drive with care everyday.

Drive with care everyday
Drive with care and your car won’t need frequent repairs. Never race your car engine during startup because this is the quickest way to adds years of wear to your car engine, especially during the cold weather. Slowly accelerate as you begin to drive. Don’t warm your engine by letting in idle in your garage or driveway because engine is not operating at this stage at its peak temperature. This may result in extensive soot deposits on the cylinder walls and may also damage the components.
You can extend the life of your tires by driving carefully on the road. Don’t hit the tire against the curb when parking and don’t run over potholes or curbs. And, of course don’t burn rubber.
Buy your gas only at reputable service station and don’t fill up if you see the tanker
Ask if the gas station has a policy to change pump filters regularly and whether the gas you buy is actually filtered. If the answer is no, find another gas station. Many stations don’t use pump filters, so you’re more vulnerable to dirty gasoline if you buy from them. Others may not mix fuel and alcohol properly- or worse, may water down their product. So the best way to go is to find a good station you can trust, and stick to it.

If you see a gasoline tanker is filling the tanks tank at local gas station, go to a different station or come back another day. When gas tanks are being filled, the turbulence can easily stir up huge amounts of sediments that can close your fuel injectors and filters, causing poor performance and necessitating repairs.

Have your car’s wheel alignment checked
You should get wheel alignment checked every 25,000 miles. Also get it checked when you buy new tires or when you replace some steering parts . If your car pulls in one side and your steering is stiffer than normal, you probably have an alignment problem.
Top off your brake fluid regularly
You should check your brake fluid regularly. Wipe off dirt from master cylinder lid before opening it. Only add the fluid recommended by car maker. Never substitute it with other fluids, such as power-steering fluid, or transmission fluid.
Care for anti-lock brakes
Cars anti-lock braking system is quite sensitive to moisture, which can easily rot the brake lines and ruin the expensive ABS pump. Since brake fluid attracts lot of moisture, it should be purged or “bled” at least every four years, or as specified in your owner’s manual.
Change oil frequently
Frequent oil changes can maximize your car engine’s life and keep it in top most condition, especially if you drive a lot in stop-and-go traffic.
Change the filters
There are many filters (fuel, oil, air and transmission) that preserve your car’s engine. They should be changed as per the schedule in your owner’s manual. Check the air filter at least every three months and immediately replace it if it is dirty. Change your transmission fluid filter after ever 22,000 miles.
Run your car’s AC in winter season To keep your car’s AC fit for the summer season, you should run it a few times throughout the winters. Circulating the refrigerant will help keep all the seals soft and pliant. This will also prevent all moving parts of the machine from seizing.
Maintain an auto log
Keep a pencil and pad in the glove compartment and use it to record gas fill-ups and mileage. If you find that your gas mileage has worsened, mention it to your service man. It may be a early warning that something is definitely wrong with your car, so you can take action well in time.
Choose a good car insurer

Sometimes, even if you’re careful, distaste inevitably strikes in the form of accident. In these circumstances, make sure your car is repaired by a highly trained mechanic and that all parts are replaced with original ones with a guarantee.

Maintain your transmission
You should change automatic transmission filter and fluid after first 4,000 miles and after every 22,000 miles or every two years. if you use your car for towing, you should change the filter and fluid every year.
Don’t forget the PCV valve
The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve is a important control device in old cars. Check if your car has this valve. It is important to change this value every 34,000 miles or as specified in owner’s manual.
Consider adding some oil cooler
If you plan to do a lot of towing and your car is not already equipped with coolers, consider adding them to your engine. Aftermarket transmission fluid and engine oil coolers are low cost, simple, add-ons that operate exactly on the same principle as your vehicle’s radiator.
Change spark plugs
The advent of on-board computers and electronic ignition has now eliminated any need for regular tune-ups but you still need to change your spark plugs every 35,000-40,000 miles to ensure good fuel mileage and engine performance.
Don’t forget the timing belt
It’s the belt that’s not easily visible in most cars but is the most critical for its operation. If your manual says that you should replace timing belt at 45,000 miles, do it! A failed timing belt can cause extensive damage to your engine.

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