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So can this guy (or gal) fix my car? Are they qualified and trustworthy?

These are questions that will at some time cross your mind if you are thinking about hiring a mechanic to look at your vehicle – or for many people their 4-wheeled pride and joy.

Two Simple Tricks to Fix Your Hiring Issue

  1. The first thing to do is ask about their qualifications, all reputable mechanics (if trained in the U.S.) with have ASE certification. ASE is short for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence and there are about 325,000 auto professionals with this certification. Ask to see their certification, if they can’t provide a solid reason for not being able to show you it, its a red flag.
  2. Ask for a list of references and call one or two at random, don’t accept just one reference as it may be a friend on the other end of the call. Once you are talking to a previous and hopefully happy customer ask about what was fixed, how long it took and of course was the price reasonable?

These two simple tips could save you potential trouble – make sure you are getting professionals and have peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Do you want the best professionals for your car? We can provide you with the best mobile automotive repair service today. Here is a list of our technical services.

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